Surf school

Aloha surf camp morocco

To get started or to improve your skills in surf or bodyboard, Aloha surf camp morocco will guide you throughout your stay to ensure your safety.

Surf spirit

Our surf team is made of 3 surf instructors that are willing to grant you a unique and fun learning experience, with personalized coaching the whole stay.

The waves of the region are ideal for beginners (Wide seashores with long waves); The sessions are less physical compared the other Atlantic regions…
We provide great working conditions for a quick and easy learning experience.

For the advanced surfers, many surfing spots are available (reef , dalle or point break ) allowing you to surf tubular and maneuvering waves.
We keep track of the waves on a daily basis to give you the best surfing experience you can have.

Local of boards

A wide range of boards is available, in every size (resin or époxy, foam & plastic , shortboards, Mini-malibu, longboards, paddle-boards and bodyboards)

During your stay, you can choose between the different types of boards we have and make adjustements based on the waves’ conditions.

  • 08h30 : Breakfast
  • 10h30 :Deparature to the surf spot depending on the conditions of swell…
  • 11h00 : First surf session
  • 13h00 : Lunch time on the beach
  • 14h30 : Second surf session
  • 17h00 : Getting back to the surf house
  • 20h30 :Diner
  • 21h30 : Debriefing of photos and videos …
  • Get improve your bodyboard level by our performant bodyboard instructor and enjoy pumping , barreling waves
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